The RAW Cafe in Lima, Peru

Hiya Folks!

While researching So I’ve officially landed in Peru! Bananas!!!!

Holy balls, what an adventure so far. The first week has blown by and I’ve seen, done, and eaten so much already!

The Peruvian people have stolen my heart. They’re so kind and friendly to this dorky Canadian blonde girl who barely speaks a lick of Spanish and have made me feel completely at home in this foreign land. The generosity and warm welcoming I’ve received from everyone I’ve met has been so lovely, that I feel like I’ve already made new lifelong friends.

Not only have the people been fantastic, but let me tell you, MAN, THE FOOD IS FUCKING AMAZING!!!

My first day in Lima I took a trip to the local organic farmers market and hunted down some of my favourite fruits- including golden berries, grandilla (which is very similar to passion fruit but muchos better!), papaya, and a delicious, dragon-fruit-looking, alien food called chirimoya… which tastes like vanilla icecream! SOOOO GOOOD!!!! (Chirimoya do have a lot of hard seeds that give your tongue and jaw a workout to navigate around, but totally worth the effort!)

Next, I met up with a new friend, Stef, that I met through some Peruvian Vegan groups on Facebook and she brought me a truly special gift (watch the video and find out what!)…

And finally, we made our way to a restaurant in Lima called ‘The Raw Cafe’. Every single dish was colourful, flavourful, beautiful and fabulous.

First few days down in Lima and feeling fine!

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