Raw Vegan High Tea

With it’s Wizard of Oz-like glass towers and breathtaking mountain and ocean views, Vancouver, British Columbia is known for being one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

But guess what veggie friends, it also has an unbelievable raw food scene as well!

IMG_0558JPG Raw Vegan High Tea

The tower of delicious treats at Indigo Age Cafe raw vegan high tea.

And while Dorothy didn’t partake in any tea parties on her journey to the Emerald City, Vancouverites and tourists alike have the pleasure of attending a truly unique culinary experience at Indigo Age Cafe… that will remind you of another whimsical fairy tale!

It’s a raw vegan high tea!

The tradition of high teas began in Britain in the 1700s, where men and ladies alike would sit down in the late afternoon to fancy little cakes, finger foods, and teas, to tide them over until dinner.

Today, a high tea is a very insta-worthy occasion, and requires dawning ones finest froufrou frock, grandma’s vintage pearl set and devouring some fabulous bite-size treats.

But Indigo Age Cafe’s version is an affair all decadent food fans can rejoice over! The dress-up and girly gossip are still included, but no need to be raw vegan, vegan, or plain ol’ vegetarian to enjoy these haute hors d’oeuvres!

IMG_0558JPG Raw Vegan High Tea

Raw Pizza Sampler at Indigo Age Cafe raw vegan high tea.

I was invited to this exciting culinary affair by Indigo Age Cafe owner and raw food chef, Lovena Galyide. It’s her food philosophy that, “Our small day by day choices can make such a big influence in the planet and people’s lives! By making this choice we really can feed the hungry, save rain forests, natural resources, water, land and take action toward a long and healthy life”.

IMG_0558JPG Raw Vegan High Tea

Lovena Galyide working in the kitchen at Indigo Age Cafe.

Originally from Ukraine, Vancouver is now home for this ‘flavour maestro’ who loves the artful creativity of raw food, and how simply changing a spice, herb or nut, can develop incredible variations of classic dishes, with a #rawsome twist!

IMG_0558JPG Raw Vegan High Tea

Cream stuffed vegan strawberries with berries & fig at Indigo Age Cafe raw vegan high tea.

And getting back to the magic of those creations, while you work your way up the tower of tasty goodies, each dainty dish is better than the last! From the mini raw vegan pizzas to cucumber sandwiches to avocado-stuffed mushrooms, the dynamic mix of flavour profiles beautifully evolve from savoury to sweet, as you eat your way north!

Trust me, when you make it to the custard-stuffed strawberries and the coconut chocolate ganache squares with dried rose petals at the top of your tea tower, your eyes, smile & mind will glaze over in blissful satisfaction.

IMG_0558JPG Raw Vegan High Tea

(top to bottom) Moonlight Jasmine & Rose Petal teas at Indigo Age Cafe raw vegan high tea.

And of course, even the teas are insta-picture-perfect! We sampled the Rose Petal, which was as beautiful as it was sweet and floral, as well as the Moonlight Jasmine, another tantalizing tea choice with a delicious calming fragrance.

For more information about Indigo Age Cafe’s raw vegan high tea, check them out here.

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