Inflammatory Foods

Let’s talk about inflammation!
(I know, fun right?)

There’s many reasons that I decided to go with a raw vegan diet, but the biggest overall was that I have so many food allergies that I really didn’t have a choice!!

There’s so many foods in our diet that cause inflammation in the body, and while some of us don’t notice anything after a meal, others suffer every time. It could be arthritis, headaches, stomach problems, or, in my case, skin problems. 😱
While going on holidays are always amazing, we often give ourselves a hall pass to eat more, drink more, and deal with the repercussions later (like I’m doing right now!)

Here’s the 8 biggest culprits responsible for those inflammatory woes!

1. Sugar!
This is an obvious one, but even the smallest cookie, piece of chocolate or too much fruit juice can trigger a reaction.

2. Saturated fats
Just because the packaging reads ‘Plant-based’ it’s not necessarily healthy – ie. pizza and pasta dishes

3. Trans Fats
Another guilty staple that’s trending in vegan diets is vegan fast food… but fried is never healthy! Cookies, donuts, and any hydrogenated oils are a definite no-no.

4. Omega 6 fatty acids
Omega 6’s are essential fatty acids but a little too much and you can trigger major inflammation in the body.
Steer clear of corn, safflower, grape seed, soy, peanut, vegetable oils and salad dressings that aren’t oil-free.

5. Refined Carbohydrates
White flour products, rice, potatoes and most cereals are refined carbs. Refined carbs are the #1 driver in escalating rates of obesity, other chronic conditions & overstimulate inflammation.

6. MSG
It makes everything taste amazing, but is terrible for you! Watch out for MSG is Asian foods, soy sauce, soups, salad dressings & processed foods.

7. Gluten and Casein
Found in wheat, barley or dairy products, stay away if you’re sensitive!

8. Alcohol
A burden to the liver- alcohol also causes major inflammation in the body.

If inflammation is an issue for you, cut out these foods and eat as much raw fruits and veg as possible!

Yeah, baby! #ilikeitraw 🥗❤️