Divine Earth

The number of inventive, delicious, and masterful raw restaurants to be found around the world is truly moving.

No matter where I travelled, I could always find some place to eat. And, sometimes, I even had too many options!

Bali was one of those places. From Seminyak to Ubud to Canggu, raw restaurants are in abundance on this exotic Indonesian island. Bali is truly a raw foodie fantasy world- with the bonus of beautiful culture, great surfing, and a magical monkey forest!

Divine Earth in Kuta is one of these fabulous rawesome restaurants worth the journey!

IMG_2949JPG Divine Earth

Divine Earth

The decor is cute, simple, and sweetly decorated. There is nothing flashy, exclusive or in-your-face about Divine Earth. The wicker chairs, cloth place settings and rich golden accents gives the eatery a warm, comforting energy. It’s a great atmosphere to enjoy a delicious meal.

IMG_2949JPG Divine Earth

Green Goddess Juice

I’m obsessed with green drinks! Before adopting the raw food lifestyle, I was a caffaholic and suffered with terrible insomnia all the time. It was a self-perpetuating cycle of getting terrible sleeps, then needing the caffeine jolt, then getting another horrible sleep. But, like any addiction, without filling the void, your cravings become overwhelming!


Since discovering the wonderful wave of energy a simple, all natural, fresh green juice gives me in the morning, I no longer desire my almond milk chai latte with a double shot of espresso (but damn, they were good!). With kale, broccoli, celery, cucumbers, apples and parsley, Divine Earth’s ‘Green Goddess’ juice gave me the exact SHA-BANG I was looking for! Cheers to green juice!

IMG_2949JPG Divine Earth

Sushi Hand Rolls

One of the most difficult challenges of going raw (or vegan or even vegetarian), at least for me, was missing sushi! It’s just such a fun, playful, enjoyable food to eat and so many of us associate sushi with an exciting social life. But, get this, Divine Earth’s sushi hand rolls are BETTER than the real thing!!!

I’ve always said that I became vegan for health first, environment second, and animal rights third. All 3 reasons have incredible importance to me, but if I had to choose the order, that’s the order it goes. I have never disliked the taste of meat or fish, and I often still crave it. It’s not the animal flesh that I’m craving though, it’s the sauces and marinates and dips and spreads! Think about cooking an unseasoned, unsalted, un-sauced chicken breast over the fire on a stick and then eating it plain. GROSS! The chicken is basically just the vessel for the flavour! Bread doesn’t really taste that great with nothing on it. Throw on some peanut butter and jam and now this sugar sandwich is something to get excited about!

This being said, with raw food, you take the fuss and fluffery out of eating. It breaks tastes and flavours down to their most natural form. Raw sushi is not only fun and flavourful, but it’s intensely satisfying! When you first discover it, you realize you don’t have to live with this sushi void in your life any longer!

With red peppers, carrots, sprouts, avocado, asparagus and cauliflower rice, these rolls will extinguish all your cravings for the real thing!

IMG_2949JPG Divine Earth

Green Puja Pizza

Next up, we have the Green Puja Pizza! The crust of this little morsel of happiness is made of organic seeds and greens, with more veggies, kale and pesto layered on top, accompanied by pickles and tomato salsa. Mixing earthy with acidic, sweet with salty, every bite of the Green Puja Pizza is a symphony of contradictory flavours that delight the tongue. YUM!

IMG_2949JPG Divine Earth

Vegan Chocolate Mudcake

And finally, as you all know, I always give in to my sinful sweet tooth… far too often. BUT, when at a wonderful raw restaurant, and offered a Vegan Chocolate Mud Cake, I’m simply forced to surrender to my addiction. And I have no regrets 😉

If you ever find yourself in Bali, make your way to Divine Earth in Kuta. For raw foodies and foodies alike, this place is, yes, truly divine! 😉



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