Camellia Oil- The Geisha Beauty Secret that You Need to Know About!

Move over argan and coconut oil – there’s a ‘new’ sought after serum on the block!

Camellia oil (aka tsubaki or green tea seed oil) has been touted as the beauty secret of the geishas for centuries. The camellia flower is native to eastern and southern Asia, with nearly 300 different species, and symbolizes feminine beauty in Japanese culture.

But it’s the flower’s oil that is really worth the hike through the Himalayas! Featherlight and deeply nourishing, geishas first began using the oil to remove their heavy performance-style makeup. Discovering how soft and supple feeling it left the skin, camellia oil became a staple in their coveted beauty regimens.

To extract the oil, camellia plant seeds are harvested and then cold pressed, emitting a light, yet lively fragrant aroma. Experiencing the scent of this luxurious oil for the first time will instantly transport you to picturesque himalayan hills with long grasses bending in a bright, sunny mountainside meadow. Intoxicating, relaxing, and rejuvenating!

But it’s the chemical make-up of camellia oil that makes it so remarkable. The oil has a molecular design similar to water’s, which allows it to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin.

Acne sufferer? Camellia oil is non-drying and non-clogging! It has a comedogenic rating of 1 (low likelihood of clogging pores) vs. coconut oil which has a rating of 4 (high likelihood of clogging pores). And because of its strong antibacterial properties, camellia oil goes one step further for those dealing with sensitive skin! These properties work to reduce inflammation and redness, while brightening, tightening and smoothing skin tones. No wonder the geishas loved it so much!

Camellia oil is also very rich in mono-saturated essential fatty acids, which has always been olive oil’s claim to fame! But not only does camellia oil win in this department as well, it’s also rich in vitamins A, B, and E, plus the minerals phosphorus, zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium!

And finally, if all of that wasn’t enough, camellia oil also possesses a very special ingredient called Squalene! This funny sounding organic compound is an essential component of our skin’s emollient system. It’s naturally produced by our own skin cells but a deficiency will dole out a disaster for your face. Squalene is vital to keep our skin supple, young and taught!

Start with a couple drops of camellia oil on a freshly washed face before bed, with special attention under the eyes, and see how your skin reacts. My favourite product right now is EO’s Transformative Night Serum with tsubaki & rose  which smells like heaven and makes your skin feel more buttery than a baby’s bottom!

If the most beautiful women of Japan swore by this stuff for centuries, its gotta be good! 😉


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