10 Tips & Tricks for Surviving a Detox

Congrats for taking the plunge and deciding to give this amazing, Super Sexy #ilikeitRAW plant-based lifestyle a go!

You’re going to be sooooo happy you did!

Well, after you finish detoxing that is!

Like mentioned in my last blog post, detoxing sucks, and you’re going to feel super shitty for a couple of days.

Yeah, I know, you didn’t want to hear that.

But guess what! There are some tips and tricks to detoxing that’ll make life a little easier (and less shitty). 😉

Tip #1: Water

Yes, this vital resource is going to be your best friend while you’re grumpy, headachy, and miserable during your detox.

Carry a sports bottle with you and have it filled at all times with water. Heck, jazz it up and throw a couple lemons in there as well!

Staying hydrated will help ease all of your detox woes and flush all of the CRAP out of your system faster!

Tip #2: Fruit

Eating fruit is one of the best way to alleviate your detox pains. All that delicious Vitamin C goodness is going to help immensely! Did you know that 1 serving of pineapple contains 130% of your recommended daily Vitamin C?! Picking fruits rich in Vitamin C like papaya, mangos, strawberries, and pineapples, will help ease you through the worst of your detox, and help control your cravings thanks to the natural sugar.

Tip #3 Hibernate

Don’t make any plans for the first 48hours of your detox because you’re bound to be grumpy and miserable. Just keep your schedule clear, so you won’t feel guilty when you inevitably cancel.

Tip #4 Sleep

Take all the naps! Napping, and going to bed early will help your body conserve energy for what’s most important- cleaning your system out of all the garbage that’s in it! Recharge your batteries, escape the pain, and nap it off!

Tip #5 Remove Temptation

This may be an obvious suggestion, but it’s a HUGE oversight for most people! It’s time to clean your cupboards folks, because when you’re hurting real bad for something processed and delicious, you’re bound to cave if it’s easily accessible. Get all that CRAP out of the house! Make sure that you’ve thoroughly shit-cleaned your eating area or failure is bound to happen with temptations on hand.

Tip #6 Steam

Steaming or wet saunas are an excellent way to help get you through the worst of your detox. Most private gyms and many community recreation centres have steam rooms. The wet steam will open your pores, and help your body expel toxins faster, with the added bonus of keeping you relaxed and give your skin a healthy glow!

Tip #7 Exercise

You probably feel like crap and the LAST thing you want to do is exercise, but this may be your best option overall for speeding up the process. I’m not just talking about a walk around the block either. Hit the gym and put in a solid 60 minute workout, get outdoors and go for a hard run, or just do jumping jacks until the room spins…  whatever you choose, getting your blood pumping will make you feel 1000% better.

Tip #8 Meditate

How often do you just take time to sit, relax, and let your mind go completely numb? Meditate away the pain in a quiet, comfortable setting- whether it be outdoors somewhere natural and serene, or in your bedroom surrounded by candles and incense. Losing yourself in meditation will also help to put into perspective all the good that will come of you going through this short term pain! #ilikeitRAW

Tip #9 Herbs

Oregano is an amazing natural antibiotic. Just adding a couple drops under your tongue for a few days during the worst of your detox will help ease the pain immensely.

Or try adding mint leaves to some hot water! Or munch on some basil or add extra cilantro to your smoothies or guacamole. Find ways to incorporate herbs into your food to benefit from all their incredible anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties will help your detox pain by leaps and bounds!

Tip #10 Buddy Up!

And for your 10th and final detox tip, find yo’self a buddy to go through the pain with! The easiest way to survive (and most fun) any detox, is by having a bestie or buddy to bitch and moan along the way with. Like they say, misery loves company!

And those are your 10 tips for Surviving the Detox. Remember, no pain, no gain, no glory!

Yeah, baby. I Like It RAW!


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