10 Reasons to go RAW!

So you’re actually considering going RAW?

But you’re still a little sceptical about the whole thing, right?

Well, I get it. It’s kind of hard to believe that RAW food can actually ‘change lives’. That’s a pretty lofty claim to make… and what exactly does change entail? Are we talking big, awe-inspiring, miraculous, bank-from-the-brink, life-saving changes?

Or just a few lost lbs and a sunnier smile?

So to quell all these queries of yours, here’s the top 10 Reasons to Go RAW that I’ve experienced for myself and that have impacted my clients with the #ilikeitRAW Program.

#1 Energy

Whether you’re overweight, underweight or happy where you are, EVERYONE experiences this dramatic change in energy when they transition to the RAW food lifestyle.

Many of us suffer from a roller-coaster ride of endorphins, sugar highs and sugar lows, caffeine kicks and crashes, and general periods of lethargy throughout the day, but when you switch to a RAW food lifestyle, these problems no longer exist.

Because you’re packing your body with the most nutritious, healthy, straight-from-the-earth food, you’re reaping the rewards of all the energy that comes from these enzyme rich plants.

Within 3 days of switching to a #ilikeitRAW diet, you’ll notice that you can easily zoom through your day with ample amounts of energy and still have enough left over to hit the gym, go for a run, enjoy the outdoors, or play with your kids afterwards!

#2 Eat all the FOOD!

What a bonus! Can you imagine? Who doesn’t LOVE to eat?!

This is my personal favourite reason for living a RAW lifestyle! You get to eat mountains of the most decadent fruit, super-sized salads, handfuls of your favourite raw nuts, and the most delicious gourmet RAW dinners, without worrying about counting a single calorie. Because you’re eating such energy-rich food, that is free from any processed garbage, your body quickly digests and metabolizes it, hence all that amazing energy we mentioned above! If you love eating as much as I do, but still want to stay slim and trim, this is a big one to go RAW.

#3 Look Super Sexy!

I know! How can this be? Eat as much as you want and still maintain a slim, sexy body? Like I mentioned above, even for people like myself who just LOVE to eat food, on the RAW lifestyle, you can live in this happy equilibrium of eating all the food AND looking your best.

Think about it this way, an entire large zucchini has only about 54 calories, and if we make a delicious #ilikeitRAW marinara sauce with 2 Roma tomatoes (70 calories), spices, and 1/4 C of pine nuts (227 calories), you’re getting a HUGE dinner for under 350 calories.

When you cut out all meats, processed carbs, deep-fried foods, cheese and all dairy products from you diet (all foods that makes us fat and sick) eating the #ilikeitRAW becomes incredibly playful, delicious, fun, exciting, and keeps you slim and sexy!

#4 GLOWING Skin!

Take it from someone who’s been dealing with debilitating acne since they were 14, going RAW will completely change your skin. Just like our energy levels being effected by the frankenstein food we consume on a daily basis, all these chemicals, preservatives, additives, antibiotics, hormones, and carcinogens wreak havoc on our skin.

After only a 5-7 days of eating RAW you’ll notice that your skin regains the same healthy glow in your cheeks that you had when you were a child. If you suffer from acne, within 2 weeks your face will be completely clear. Many have also had great success curing their rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and a whole host of your skin issues by going RAW!

Also, because #ilikeitRAW food is loaded with antioxidants, these foods help to smooth our skin and reduce wrinkles, as they fight free-radicals from the inside out!

And when your face is your trademark to the world, who doesn’t want it to look clear, youthful and glowing every day?

#5 Happy Digestion

IBS? Acid-reflux? Lactose intolerance? Gluten intolerance? Ulcers? Constipation? or chronic diarrhea? The list goes on. Most of us have probably experienced one of these not-so-sexy digestive issues in the past.

So what do we do? Pop more pills? Pound Metamucil? Stick suppositories up our ass and hope things go better next time?

Yeah, nothing like a quick fix while the internal damage continues with a small band-aid on these discomforts.

Well, here’s a secret for you. NONE of these issues exist when you’re eating a RAW food diet. Not one. Nadda. Zip. Zero.

All of the CRAP that’s in our SAD (Standard American Diet) is garbage for our body, garbage for our health, and garbage for our digestive systems.

When you cut out all this CRAP and eat food as nature intended, your body forgives you for all the abuse you’ve shovelled into it, and rewards you with happy digestion!

#6 Better Health

There are so many success stories that you can find online of people curing their illnesses, sicknesses and diseases using the amazing healing benefits of a RAW plant-based diet, and those living with chronic illnesses have greatly reduced their systems, just because they changed the way they eat.

From cancer to diabetes to migraines to depression to heart disease and beyond, there are endless stories available at your fingertips to solidify the incredible, healing, LIFE CHANGING rewards that a RAW food diet will bring you. #ilikeitRAW

#7 Endless Options

One of the biggest common misconceptions about eating a RAW or vegan diet is that it’s going to be incredibly boring.


Any of your favourite foods that you currently eat on a regular basis can be transformed into a #ilikeitRAW dish… and taste even better!

I know, I know. Another far-out claim. But trust me!

RAW burgers? Amazing! RAW tacos? Incredible! RAW lasagna? You’ve never had a more delicious food in your life.

From pasta to pizza to pirogies to pecan pie! Anything you love now can be turned into a RAW dish that’ll knock your socks off!

All it takes is a quick Google search and you’ll see there are thousands upon thousands of recipes online to put a RAW spin on all your favourite foods!

8. It’s Cheap!

The second biggest misconception about the RAW food diet is that it’s super expensive. Good news! IT’S PRETTY DAMN CHEAP!!!

What do you currently spend on groceries a week? $100/adult? $50/child? Way more?

Well, eating RAW is VERY cost effective!

Even if we don’t factor in all the external savings on your long-term health, eating the #ilikeitRAW way isn’t very pricey at all, if you do things properly.

At first it’ll take a small adjustment of knowing where to get deals on fresh produce and buying fruits and veggies when they’re in season, but even when you swap out your meat for buying nuts in bulk (to make a plethora of fabulous protein-rich, ‘meat-style’ dishes) and learn the super easy techniques of sprouting grains and legumes, eating RAW is way cheaper than loading your cart with 3 meat meals a day, dairy, eggs, cheeses and processed snacks!

Your wallet (and your body) will thank you!

#9 Save the Planet!

For me, this reason ranks a lot higher, but wherever your heart lies with saving the planet, there is no easier way to help the cause then by adopting a RAW food lifestyle. There is so much talk about eating local and how to reduce your carbon footprint, but if you’re stuck living in Canada (like I am) that doesn’t mean you’re going to be munching on RAW potatoes all winter.


Even if you’re buying meat and dairy from local providers, there are still major carbon emissions attached to these goods.

It takes 2,400 gallons of water to produce just 1 POUND of meat! That’s insane! If you quit showering for 6 months, you still wouldn’t save as much water as if you cut 1lb of beef out of your diet for the year!!!

In January 2015 it was announced to the World Economic Forum that the world’s water crisis is the #1 global risk based on impact to society. There are 1 billion people around the world who don’t have access to clean drinking water. 1 BILLION!

The easiest thing we can all do to help dramatically reduce our carbon footprints and help with the imminent devastating world water shortage, is to adopt a RAW food lifestyle or go vegan or even vegetarian. #ilikeitRAW

10. Reduce Cruelty

Whether you were raised with dogs, cats, chickens, horses, cows, pigs, or another four-legged friend, we’ve all connected to one animal or another over our lives. I’m sure you couldn’t fathom hurting or causing pain to any of these four-legged friends or beloved birds, so why should we turn a blind eye to the devastating treatment of animals in our food system?

For those who grew up on a farm, raising animals for slaughter is ingrained in us, and our vision of grass-fed cows, and happy pigs rolling in mud, will always be fond memories. But that’s no longer the status quo.

Today, animals on factory farms are confined to pens so small and tight, they can’t turn around or lie down. They are depressed, maimed and mistreated, and live terrible, painful, sad lives. They are never allowed outside and are fed GMO food so they grow super large and super fat, super fast.

There are countless stories of unimaginable animal cruelty acts that take place on these factory farms, such as cows not being stunned properly, and then going down the production line to be ripped limb-from-limb while still fully conscientious, but I’d rather you do the in-depth research yourself.

By adopting a #ilikeitRAW lifestyle, you already reap the other 9 amazing rewards on this list for yourself, with the added bonus of helping to reduce animal cruelty and refuse to support the system that maims and mistreats these gentle creatures. In return, you’ll become an even more compassionate person, knowing that your dietary decisions are helping to pave the way for more people to follow suite.

And there you have it. Those are the top 10 reasons that going RAW are truly life-changing!

Yeah, baby. I Like It RAW!


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Yeah, baby! #ilikeitRAW!


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