DANA Giesbrecht

Dana Giesbrecht is a filmaker, philanthropist, and raw vegan ambassador with a passion for health, the environment, animals and helping others.

Struggling with acne, insomnia, and eating disorders, Dana started investigating veganism as a way to help her solve her own issues, which transformed into the documentary I Like It RAW.

After spending 10 years hosting and producing different TV shows in Canada, she decided to take an entrepreneurial turn and created the I Like It RAW Program, in hopes to help others around the world discover the incredible healing benefits of raw food.

Going RAW Changed My Life!

And because of this continual cycle of being off-and-on meds, having a face full of acne and then clear skin, then more acne, then clear skin again, then eating whatever I want, then no more meds, then dealing with the repercussions, I have little marks everywhere to tell my story without even needing to open my mouth.

It sucks. Sucks real hard! I was stuck with a sugar addiction, bad skin, and no way out of this terrible cycle.

But not only bad skin, I could feel myself becoming sicker and sicker. I had terrible insomnia that would keep me up for days on end, constant headaches, weak muscles, zero energy, and no motivation to do anything physical or push myself to work towards my goals. I was completely and totally stuck, unhappy, and on a dangerous path with my health.

So, what’s a girl to do when her doctor will no longer prescribe her pills that basically act as an external band-aid to cover up all the shit she’s putting her body through?

I’ll tell you…

She decides to finally grow up and take control of her actions, and make a REAL CHANGE.

What finally cured me of my sugar addiction, gave me the energy and positive outlook I’ve always wanted, gave me long lean muscles and a healthy glow while eating as much food as I like, and allowed me to rediscover the divine deliciousness and natural sweetness of fruit (without the terrible breakouts that come with processed sugar) was going RAW.

Going RAW changed my life.

It CURED me of my sugar addiction!!!
Now instead of processed sugar, I eat as many mangoes, berries, pineapple, papaya and delicious fruit as I want! I reap all the benefits of the vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and antioxidants in these amazing natural desserts and still have clear GLOWING skin!

It CURED me of years of terrible insomnia, which I now realize was 100% caused by my sugar addiction.

It CURED me of my mental fog and lethargy, which was a constant roller-coaster from sugar highs and lows.
I now sail through my day with oodles of energy and a positive outlook. I look forward to setting new goals for myself and have all the energy and more to conquer these challenges! I have more ambition, passion, and enthusiasm to take on the world now than I’ve ever had before!

I am now happier, healthier, lighter and brighter, with a newfound lust for life, solely because of RAW food. I workout 7 days a week, and have completely fallen in love with running and yoga, as well as barre, spin and bootcamp classes. I love hiking, biking, camping, and just enjoying every moment I can in nature. Oh, and best part of all? I have clear GLOWING skin that I’m proud to show off!

But even more importantly, I no longer obsess over sugar or feel any desire to eat it at all! It actually repulses me now and I feel so strong and vibrant eating RAW that I know that I’ll never look back!

And because RAW food changed my life so dramatically, I knew I had to make it my mission to help others discover this lifestyle and experience the amazing life-changing benefits of RAW food firsthand. After finishing production for my first documentary I lIke it RAW- RAW Veganism in Beef Country (you can watch the documentary above) I became certified as a RAW food nutritionist, and began work on the I Like It RAW Program.

The I Like It RAW Program has been tweaked, tinkered with, and perfected to help you lose weight, have clearer skin, more energy and rediscover a lust for life, just like it did for me!

Heck, if going RAW can cure a type-A neurotic insomniac and sugar-addict of her issues, imagine what the I Like It RAW Program can do for you!